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4716 Freret Street

New Orleans

Our Hours:

Thursday - 7am-1pm

Friday - 7am-1pm

Saturday - 7am-1pm

Sunday - 7am-1pm

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - CLOSED

Wednesday - CLOSED


Phone: 504.355.3535



For orders of two+ dozen, email:

We are first come, first served.

We do not take phone orders.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Our bagels are made with high quality ingredients.

They are made in-house daily, from scratch in small batches to ensure quality and avoid food waste.

We proudly sell out. To enjoy our bagels, please come early.

Thank you. We greatly appreciate your patronage and support.

Order eGift Cards

Advanced notice on two+ dozen bagels is appreciated.

Please email us at to inquire.

In addition to Freret Street, you can find us at these fine establishments:

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